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The final day of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship had a sign of overtimes over it. In these crucial battles no one wanted to lose, so the regulation time was not enough to determine the winners.


Today, the games of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship determined the teams that will compete for the medals. But before the pairs for the two finals were known, the fans witnessed two semifinals of extreme tension.


The quarterfinals have marked the beginning of the playoff stage, and, as experts put it, this is when the real Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship started.


The fifth day of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship proved to be the most predictable one in terms of results, as in each pair the leaders of Groups A and B took on the “second line” teams.


Today’s games determined the leaders of two groups that will advance straight to the semifinals. All other contenders of the medals will have to pass an additional quarterfinal test.

In Group A, the Hungarian national team retained their leading position beating the Netherlands 7-6 (1-1, 3-3, 3-2, 0-0).


The distinctive feature of the third day of Women’s U-19 European Water Polo Championship was a lot of positional battling. Passing the group stage equator, the team are already starting to sum up the points gained and take a closer look at their potential opponents in quarterfinals.


The second day of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship was marked with the first serious “battles of titans”. Team Spain challenged Team Hungary in a Round Robin match. This game might be a highlight of the final day of the Championship – so good are both teams. The opponents are similar in style of play, and they kept the fans awake turning this group stage match into a heart-pounding thriller with an outcome unpredictable until the very last seconds. For all that, the Hungarians turned out to be hungrier for a win.


The  Women’s  European U-19 Water Polo  Championship opened with a match between Group B teams:  Italy and Ukraine.  The Italian team was considered to be favorites  in this match long before the beginning of the game.   First of all, Italy has deep-rooted traditions of water polo, secondly, the  team has already been tested in World League finals.  The Italian superiority in experience and  technical skill  was obvious from the very beginning of the match.


In the first game of Group A at Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship, Team Netherlands tested their French opponents. Nowadays Dutch water polo players don’t look so invincible as in the late 1990’s, still even having some complications, representatives of the “country of tulips” are able to fight down their French competitors. Five Dutch goals in a row during the first period surely testify the difference of prowess of 2 teams.


According to LEN water polo manager Marco Birri, more than 25,000 people have watched online broadcasting from the opening ceremony of the European championships in Chelyabinsk.

“This event exceeds all my expectations. I would like to thank the president of the Russian water polo federation Vadim Somov and local authorities for perfect organization. The competitions will last for 7 days, but the opening ceremony is the best that I have ever seen,” Marco Birri says.

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