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Rules of the game

We are publishing the basic water polo rules especially for the fans of the European Water Polo Championship.

The field of play (size and layout):
- Men: 30 x 20 m
- Women: 25 x 20 m

Distinctive marks shall be provided on both sides of the field of play to denote the following:
- white marks - goal line and half distance line
- red marks - 2 metres from goal lines
- yellow marks
- 5 metres from goal lines
The sides of the field of play from the goal line to the 2 metre line shall be marked in red; from the 2 metre line to the 5 metre line shall be marked in yellow and from the 5 metre line to the half distance line shall be marked in green

Duration of the game:
- The duration of the game shall be four periods each of eight minutes actual play
- There shall be a two-minute interval between the first and second periods and between the third and fourth periods and a five-minute interval between the second and third periods

Extra time (if necessary):
Should the scores be level at full time after four periods:
- An interval of five minutes is given
- After the first 3-minute period of extra time: an interval of two minutes is given for the teams to change ends.
- In the case of a draw after 2 periods of extra time:
- If at the end of the two periods of extra time the score is equal:
- penalty shoot outs from the distance of 5m are given to determine the result, for which five players shall be nominated from each team

Duration of attack:
- The duration of attack is 30 seconds.
- Free throw (penalty) shall be taken from a line of 5 m

Conduct of the officials on the bench. 
- Clothing: Long pants and lace-up shoes 
- The first coach can walk on the side of the pool up to 5 m line.
- Misconduct: the first coach shall get a yellow card and a red card for a repeated violation. 
- Misconduct: other officials on the bench shall get a red card immediately. 
- If the first coach gets a card, the second coach can act as the first coach, but he shall remain on the bench during the play. The second coach can exercise the rights of the first coach only during the next play.

Corner throws:
- A corner throw shall be awarded when the ball has passed fully over the goal line, having last been touched by the goalkeeper of the defending team or when a defending player deliberately sends the ball over the goal line

Goal throws:
A goal throw shall be taken by any player of the team holding the ball.

Simultaneous exclusion:
If players make simultaneous exclusion fouls, both players must be excluded, and the attacking team retains possession of the ball.

Blocking the ball with two hands:
- Playing or blocking the throw with two hands is prohibited.
- Within 5 m area: penalty throw is given
- Outside 5 m area: extrusion

Extrusion for rough play:
- A player is out of the game and the team is sanctioned with a penalty throw to the opposing team
- An excluded player who leaves the water until the end of play may be substituted after four minutes of full time.
Penalty throw in the final minute of the game:
If a penalty throw is given to the team possessing the ball at the last minute of the game, then the coach may refuse from the penalty throw, keeping the ball for a free throw. The timekeeper, recording the possession of the ball, shall start the stopwatch for the new timing.

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