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European Water Polo Players Will Get Presents from Championships Hosts

Troitsk leather haberdashery factory Arlion has started producing stylish travelling bags for personal-care items. Chelyabinsk organizers of the European Women’s Water Polo Championships will present these bags to the athletes who spend a lot of time on the move.

Just over a month is left before the European Championships. Work is humming – organizers, constructors, designers and participants themselves try their best to ensure up-to-the-mark level of organization. Troitsk garment factory workers who, in spring, were working on the gifts for judokas have now also joined in the Championships preparation process. They make travelling bags which then will be presented to the guests of the South Urals capital.

A travelling bag is a must-have for every girl let alone an athlete who is always on the way to a training session or a competition. That is why the organizing committee has decided to give the European Water Polo Championships participants a useful and a stylish thing to remember Chelyabinsk. Traditionally, the organizers have opened bidding among local designers and Troitsk factory Arlion has won again. It has presented several travelling bag design styles and the jury has chosen a dainty dark-grey bag with the Championships logo on it.

“The gift follows the Championships colour range. We focused on the convenience and functionality of the item. This type of bag is essential while on the road; it has many compartments for make-up, shower gel, tooth paste and tooth brush. There is a place for every little thing. We have chosen to use a waterproof quick-drying fabric with an inner steeping which is also very strong and easy to air out which means the bag will be long in use. The size of the bag is perfect to hold all the personal-care products, yet, fit in the sports bag”, designer Irina Dobrynina described the travelling bag.

According to Troitsk factory head Olga Kraynichenko, the most qualified craftsmen were picked out to complete this important order. She said, “We have selected the best craftsmen who have the most experience in this sphere. We are very proud we were again given such an important order, we feel responsible to complete it perfectly. Our bags will be used in Europe! It is planned to produce 500 bags, we have time to meet the deadline.”

A batch of travelling bags will be sent to Chelyabinsk by the end of August and will be stored there until the event.

The U19 European Women’s Water Polo Championships will be held in Chelyabinsk between September 9 and 16. The competition between Europe’s best youth water polo teams will take place at Stroitel swimming pool. This time South Urals capital is going to play a host for 11 European countries. This competition is going to be a great chance for the athletes to show their worth before the 2014 World Universiad and the 2015 World Aquatics Championships which, for the very first time, will take place in Russia.

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