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07/08/2012 - 10:18

Super Swimming Pool to be Filled with 3000 Tons of Water

The reconstruction of the main swimming-bath of Stroitel pool that will host the most anticipated sport event of the autumn – U19 Women's European Water Polo Championships – has come to a close.

The reconstruction has been carried out 24/7. The repair crew have fixed the entrance group and replaced the windows, doors, tiles and porch. Today, they started to fill the main bath with water. According to Sergey Filippov, director of Stroitel swimming pool, it is going to take 3000 tons of water to fill the pool completely: “We are now carrying out the hydraulic tests. It will take us three days to fill the pool; then we will proceed to filtration which will take four more days. Afterwards we are going to install the timing equipment and the scoreboard both suitable not only for water polo tournaments, but also for other water sports competitions.”

Spectators’ stands have already been mounted, doping control room – repaired. The venue also boasts with brand new sensor shower units which will save considerable amounts of water. The light bulbs above the main basin have been replaced with the energy-saving ones. Sergey Filippov has promised that after the tournament is over, the pool will still be public, with prices still being the lowest in Chelyabinsk.

One month before the event the organizing committee still has plenty of work to do. At the moment accommodation, catering and transferring details are in consideration. Valery Galeyev, tournament director, said that this week the fans will know the ticket program and the name of the tournament’s official mascot: “The poll where fans choose the championships mascot’s name is just about over. Thus far the name Uralochka seems to be the favorite, but things may change. By the way, Olga Belova, a member of the namesake team and the national Olympic team in London, will participate in the European tournament. The participants begin to arrive on September 4. By that time everything will have been settled, and all the young ladies will have to do is to compete at their best and decide who the better team is.”

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