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Ticket Sales for 2012 U19 Women’s European Water Polo Championships have Begun

U19 Women’s European Water Polo Championships is only a month away. The tournament will take place in Chelyabinsk, Russia, on September 9-16. Those who want to be a part of the sports spectacular can already purchase tickets and official merchandise.

Tickets can be purchased at event’s official website,, ‘Tickets’ tab. To buy tickets, choose a match and press ‘Buy’. Then you will be offered to choose seats. The already reserved seats will be shown in red while the free ones – in blue. After that you need to complete the order following the given instructions. Ticket prices vary from 100 to 400 roubles depending on competition’s time and stands’ position. To avoid any ticket speculations, tickets for opening ceremony, closing ceremony and playoff matches will go on sale directly before the beginning of the event.

According to Valery Galeyev, tournament director, tickets will go on sale in ticket offices of Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust and other major cities. “Our sophisticated young people will likely choose to buy tickets online. As the event starts, tickets can be purchased directly at the venue which is now under reconstruction. We expect ticket frenzy, and that is why we strongly recommend that you begin reserving tickets now. As usual, one stand will be reserved for young water polo players and water polo veterans.”

Official tournament’s website also features an online shop that contains the official merchandise. Pens, fridge souvenir magnets, cups, snow globes, caps, T-shirts – all of this is already on sale. As explained by Marina Peseukova, head of Uralsuvenir Company, new items will be added, like, for example, towels. She also added that considering the whopping demand on 2012 European Judo Championships mascot, Zhorik, the production volume of the upcoming event’s mascot will be doubled. Also, today the official mascot has been named Uralochka based on the results of the poll conducted on tournament’s website.

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