The final day of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship had a sign of overtimes over it. In these crucial battles no one wanted to lose, so the...
Today, the games of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship determined the teams that will compete for the medals. But before the pairs for the two...
The quarterfinals have marked the beginning of the playoff stage, and, as experts put it, this is when the real Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship...
The fifth day of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship proved to be the most predictable one in terms of results, as in each pair the leaders of...
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Medals for the Winners of the European Water Polo Championships Made by Zlatoust Craftsmen

Zlatoust Small Arms Company has been working on both the souvenir cups for the event runners-up and the complete set of medals for the Water Polo Championships in Chelyabinsk.

Company’s craftsmen have created 25 sets of medals for the future winners. As it was required by the organizers, local artists worked out several drawings which were discussed for over a month with the board of directors of the European Aquatics League. Production of the medals took approximately two weeks. Each medal, shaped as a LEN emblem, weighs 150 g and has a Championships’ logo, event venue and the wavy lines which symbolize water surface engraved on it.

Right now, the factory is working at three souvenir cups with the traditional Zlatoust engraving. Prize cups will be inlayed with Ural stones, so that the gold medal winners will receive a cup studded with marble, silver and bronze medal winners will be presented with the cups inlayed with jasper and nephrite respectively. The artists have chosen a nature theme as a décor.

A director general of the Zlatoust Small Arms Company Alexandr Sonich shared, “All together we have 40 people working on the production of medals and cups. The order will be filled by September 1. We are very pleased to manufacture the awards for the European Championship for the second time. We were told after the Judo Championships the guests from Europe were truly delighted with Zlatoust cups. Anyway, I would like it if the cups and medals stayed in our country.”  

The European Water Polo Championships will take place in Chelyabinsk swimming pool Stroitel on September 9-16. Junior national teams from 11 countries of Europe will contend for the gilded handcrafted cups. The water polo players will start arriving to Chelyabinsk at the beginning of September.

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