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23/08/2012 - 17:52

A Morning Cheer from Uralochka Team

Today, at the city’s main square the players from Zlatoust Uralochka team, who will take part in the European Water Polo Championships, have organized morning exercises for the townspeople of the South Urals capital.

The athletes have a very tight schedule after the training session in France. Even before they had time to unpack, Uralochka players had their first drill and already today they share their high spirits with all Chelyabinsk citizens. The team together with its coach Mikhail Nakoryakov came to the regional centre to organize a set of physical exercises for members of sports schools; however, even the passersby could not resist dynamic music and joined the upbeat girls in the Russian Olympic uniforms.

Combined movements prepared by the water polo players were different from those given by a hockey player Evgeny Kuznetsov or a strongman Dmitry Kononets, as girls paid more attention to the shoulder exercises and arm load – used the breaststroke, so to say.

“We start every morning not just with some exercises but more like with a warm-up. We train in the gym and the pool. It is great Chelyabinsk is so into sports; so many people have come. We tried to show the movements the water polo players use in their work-out. Arm and shoulder exercises and jumps are essential for us”, told us Olga Belova, a Team Russia candidate and a 2012 Summer Olympics participant.

Maria Savchuk, World and European Champion and Uralochka’s full-back explained that right now the girls are taking a break from training on water, so, they are mostly in the gym or at the basketball court where they perfect their shots. The other national team members will come to Zlatoust this week, only then the girls will start intense training and play several matches based on which the main coach Mikhail Nakoryakov will decide on the final list of players for the European Championships.

As a national team candidate and Uralochka team member Elvira Karimova said, “We will wait for the girls and then go to Chelyabinsk. I’m very excited to see what has been done in Stroitel as we used to train there before. Now, we have to show our worth and we are worth a lot; all we want is to win. Despite any prejudice we have a positive atmosphere in the team. We are not just companions in the game, we are friends.”

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