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Our Experience Will Help Us to Become Champions

Mikhail Nakoryakov, Head Coach of Russian Junior Women’s Water Polo Team
Our Experience Will Help Us to Become Champions

The head coach of the Russian Junior Women’s team and the Uralochka-ZMZ Club (Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region) wants to prepare champions, and he is glad that the girls do their best to perform at the highest level.

-Mikhail, are you content with French training camp? Have the girls completed all tasks?

- Yes, the training camp in Trua was very busy and useful. Our team has played two games with local French team. Both times we have won – 15:8 и 13:11. We also arranged one more game with this team on the eve of the European championships in Chelyabinsk on September 6-7. I generally like the team spirit. The girls not only trained, but also paled up with each other and had a rest. They have spent their time wisely.

- Have all athletes taken part in the training camp?

- No, three our leaders were involved into the London Olympics: Olga Belova from “Uralochka-ZMZ”, Anna Karnauh from “Kinef” and Diana Antonova from “SKIF”. Now they have joined the team in Zlatoust and we are having final stage of trainings before Euro-2012.

- What goals do you set for the team?

- Of course, we will fight for the first place. And we hope that our fans will support us in Stroitel Swimming Pool. I’m sure we will meet their expectations, and show them a beautiful game.

- What is the most difficult in preparations to the championships?

- Most members of the team are already defined. The most important for me now is to involve Olympic athletes into the team. I have to take into account their emotional condition dealing with the bad performance at the Olympics. They are in a good physical shape, but very sad about sixth place.

- Is it easy to unite athletes from different clubs in one team?

- I don’t have any problems with that. In 2009 Margarita Skalina (coach of “Uralochka”) and I managed to bring up the champions. I’m sure we can do that again.

- When the Russian team will achieve best shape?

- By the beginning of the European championships in Chelyabinsk. Now I have given them a chance to take breath.

- What teams are the strongest rivals for the Russians in the Euro-2012?

- First of all, these are teams from Spain, Italy and Greece, that took part at the Olympics. There are five such athletes in the Spain team, and four in Greece and Italy teams. It’s very important to perform well in the team tournament, not to face the strongest rival in first round. I think that after three day of competition everything will be clear.

Mikhail Nakoryakov was born in 1950 in Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk region). He has a university degree. In 1976 he was the director of the Taganay Swimming Pool, the coach of “Uralochka”. In 1986 he became the director of the Stal Swimming Pool and the coach. In 1989 he was a coach in Metallurg Sports School № 1. In 1995 – water polo coach in sports school № 3. In 1992 he was awarded with a the title “Honored coach of the Russian Federation”, in 1997 – “Professional Excellence in the area of Physical Education and Sport”, 1999 - Sign of Merit in the development of physical culture and sport. In 1999 he was given the highest qualification category of coaches, 2002 - head coach and water polo instructor in Sports School № 5, 2004 - winner of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region prize, 2006 - head coach and water polo instructor in Sports School № 8. In 2006 he was awarded with the medal “For contributions to the development of education”, 2008 - the director, head coach and teacher in Sports School № 8.

In 1984 Mikhail Nakoryakov created women’s water polo team and made them the champions. The Uralochka team under his guidance became the winner of many Russian and Soviet championships. He has brought up 28 international masters of sport, 10 honored masters of sports of Russia. He is the honored citizen of Zlatoust.

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photo by Alexander Fayruzov

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