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10/09/2012 - 11:57

More than 25,000 People Watch Euro-2012 Opening Ceremony Online

According to LEN water polo manager Marco Birri, more than 25,000 people have watched online broadcasting from the opening ceremony of the European championships in Chelyabinsk.

“This event exceeds all my expectations. I would like to thank the president of the Russian water polo federation Vadim Somov and local authorities for perfect organization. The competitions will last for 7 days, but the opening ceremony is the best that I have ever seen,” Marco Birri says.

Press-conference has been held in a very friendly atmosphere. The high-ranking foreign guests have praised the organizers, and the locals feel very proud about that. The Minister of Sports Yury Serebrennikov says that the Chelyabinsk region has very good water polo traditions, and local athletes are always taken in the women's national team.

“I’m sure that all athletes that have come to Chelyabinsk will defend the honors of their countries at the Olympics in Rio. The junior Euro-2012 is a first step for big victories,” Vadim Somov says.

The Honorary member of the European League of Water Sports Bartolomeo Muscat has heard that Chelyabinsk organizers know how to make events. Lots of international recommendations have persuaded the European officials to choose the capital of theSouth Urals for the Euro-2012.

Marco Birri has told interesting news to the journalists. “Lots of water polo fans in Europe are thrilled by the championships in Chelyabinsk. I’ve got the message that more than 25,000 viewers have watched the opening ceremony at the official website of the Euro-2012.”

The participants of the conference have concluded that the competitions will be very interesting, and young athletes will gain the useful experience.

Vitaly Vizaulin

05.04.2015 02:31