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The fastest ice in Russia - Ice Palace «Ural Molnia»

Ice Palace «Ural Molnia» is the first biggest playground in Chelyabinsk and the second biggest 400-meters indoor skating ring in Russia with artificial ice.

«Ural Molnia» was born on December 28, 2004. It took just 1.5 years to build a grand construction.

    The palace is named after the six-time Olympic champion from Chelyabinsk Lydia Skoblikova. Her sport nick name was «Ural Molnia». «Molnia» means «lightning» in Russian. Lydia Skoblikova had a beautiful technique of skating and really looked like lightning on ice. Ice Palace «Ural Molnia» has 400-meters skating track area for hockey and figure skating, four curling tracks. Ice Palace can take more than 1.5 thousand visitors at the same time. Skating regional and federal competitions regularly have been holding in «Ural Molnia» since 2005. Several records are already set on the ice of «Ural Molnia». Experts of the Palace continue to work for improving the speed qualities of ice every day.


1. Palace area - 11.9 thousand square meters, it can take 1650 visitors at the same time.

2. Ice Palace works 11 months a year more than 12 hours a day. Every day the complex takes up to 800 athletes.

3. The Ice Palace can accommodate more than 1.5 thousand spectators.

4. Everyone can test the fastest ice in Russia - public skating sessions are held in the evening during the week and all day long at weekends.

5. Inside of the building of Ice Palace there is the only skating museum in Russia: exposure demonstrates a history of the speed skating in Chelyabinsk region and Russia, and shows the achievements of South Ural sportsmen at the Olympic Games, European and world championships.

Address: Truda Street 187a


Trolleybuses: 17, 22, 26,

Route taxis: 2А, 4, 7, 18, 19, 22, 27, 50, 59, 64, 76, 77, 79, 80.

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