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Opera and Ballet Theater named after Glinka – the source of high art

The Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Michael Glinka is one of the greatest theaters in Russia. It is a true landmark of the South Ural’s capital.

The theater building is located at the end of the pedestrian street Kirovka. It is visually attractive due to the classical style of architecture: the high level stairs, columns, fretwork and statues on the dome.

Its construction began in the prewar years, but during the Great Patriotic War the building of the theater was used as a munitions factory. Later it was retuned to the cultural institution. The building received its modern form after extensive renovation in 1983.

In front of the theater there is a monument to Michael Glinka, composer and «father» of Russian classical music.

Another reason to visit this theater - is the great painting inside of the building, that was created by a team of artists under the leadership of Deineka.

The undoubted value of Opera and Ballet Theatre is a troupe of professional actors. More than 20 performers have the titles of People’s Artists and Honored Artists of Russia, and many theatrical performances awarded prestigious prizes. For example, the magnificent Tchaikovsky's opera «The Queen of Spades» won the Grand Prix at the festival «Scene-2006», a ballet «El mundo de Goya» that is designed in the hi-tech style won an award from the Russian government.

In any day guests can visit the theater and enjoy the atmosphere of high art. Tickets for the performances are being sold inside of the building.


1. Construction of the theater began in 1937 at the site of the demolished Christ’s Cathedral. The theater was planned to be open in 1941, but, with the beginning of World War II, the munitions factory «Calibre» was relocated here from Moscow.

2. The official opening of the theater took place on October 29, 1956 with the staging of the opera «Prince Igor» by Borodin. Then Chelyabinsk opera theatre was named after Glinka.

3. The hall theatre capacity is 1205 people and the area of the stage is 450 square meters. There are 200 different blocks inside the theater.

4. In 1996 Chelyabinsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre was awarded the title «Academic».

5. Ninety performances were played at the stage of the theater during its history - both classic and modern. The troupe toured to 70 cities in Russia, traveled to Austria, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, China and the U.S..


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