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«French vacation» in the South Ural: Paris is waiting for guests

Paris with only 11 streets and 800 houses – it’s incredible, but possible. Paris is not only in the heart of Europe, but in the South Ural’s province - Nagaybak area of Chelyabinsk region.

Before 2005 it was a usual village with nothing more but high-profile name, taken after the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon. In the summer 2005 mobile phone operator, setting the tower, decided to act beyond the ordinary: imagination plus four million rubles helped to create Eiffel Tower. 50-meters copy of the most famous tower in the world was constructed at Zlatoust steel plant and become the most interesting landmark of Nagaybak area.

The tower in Chelyabinsk Paris is the largest copy of the Eiffel Tower in Russia. It is comparable with 18-storey building. Ural tower lighter than it «elder sister» in more than 160 times.



1. Cossack settlement № 4 was named Paris just in a year after moving Cossacks to the river Kizil-Chilik. The name of the village is given in honor to the victory over Napoleon in 1814.

2. South Ural’s Tatar name of Paris - Yan village, which means «new village». Russian Cossacks and Kalmyks christians had been evicted as well as nagaybakians in Paris.

3. South Ural’s Paris celebrates the birthday of the capital of France and Bastille Day every year. In December 2006, in the Chelyabinsk region and in France was held an exhibition «Two Parises». More than thousand people took part in videoconference.

4. «Small sister» of the world's famous tower is 30 younger than the original.

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