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The land of Lakes and Mountains: Taganay, Turgoyak, Island of St. Vera, Ilmen national park

The best places in the Urals will impress even the most skeptical tourist. Taganay has mountain peaks hidden in clouds, swift rivers, and rare environment – in one day you can see the change of four seasons.


Any traveler will be amazed with huge rocks that kept their original beauty and charming with grandeur in bright sunny days. When the weather is bad Taganay becomes a menacing guard on the way of winds and clouds. The peaks look into the sky from the mist. In the depth of mountain range and pine forest there is one of the most valuable lakes in the world - Turgoyak, which is also called the younger brother of Baikal. The water in the lake has a great transparency (from 10-17.5 m). It is healing, oxygen-rich, free of vegetation. The lake is fool of fish.


There are six islands on the surface or the lake. The biggest is Island of St. Vera – an archeological museum under the open sky. Its name is dealing with a girl that lived here as a hermit. People get miracle cures from her. Now the Island is popular among the couples – they came here to ask St. Vera for happiness in family life and healthy children.

But the Island of St. Vera was not always peaceful and hospitable. 50 archeological monuments were discovered here. The Island has kept the signs of human culture history: ceramics and masonry , Bronze Age jasper plates, arrowheads and knives. There are objects that were re-used by the Old Believers, but were created by people of another culture and era. The final point of «mountain country» is the Ilmen National Park with a unique mineral resources and wildlife. The reserve is a home for all members of Ural’s fauna and flora. In this natural geological museum discovered more than 260 minerals. There are about 30 beautiful lakes in reserve, the largest and the deepest – are Large Kisegach and Big Miassovoe. Science museum is a national pride of this place. There are more than 9 thousand items in the main building of the museum.




1. Great mountain sceneries of Taganay, Yurma and Itsyl are considered to be unique.

2. Lake Turgoyak is included in the list of 100 most valuable reservoirs in the world.

3. In the mountains of the Southern Urals four seasons can change in one day.

4. Ilmen reserve has about 830 vascular plants, 50 species of mammals, 200 - birds, 14 species of fish. The reserve is a home for all members of the Ural fauna.

5. Ancient settlements were located on the islands and shores of mountain lakes, more than 260 varieties of minerals and rocks were found in old mines.

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