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National Park «Zyuratkul» - Ural Ritz with pristine nature

National park «Zyuratkul» is a pearl of the Chelyabinsk region named after the only alpine lake in the Urals - Zyuratkul.

It is situated at the junction of the two natural zones - taiga and forest steppe - thus has a unique climate and untouched nature, rich flora and fauna.

Lake Zyuratkul is surrounded with five mountain ranges and mountains: Urenga, Lukas, Nurgush, Moskal and Zyuratkul. For spectacular scenery, high-altitude location (724 meters above sea level) and amazingly clear water people call the lake «Ural Ritz».

This national park has become a popular tourist destination not only among the inhabitants of the Southern Urals, but the whole Russia. Every year thousands of people come here to stroll through the territory of «Zyuratkul», do a water boat tour, ride a horse or to conquer the highest mountain ranges in Chelyabinsk region the Nurgush and the Zyuratkul.

Another attraction of the park - a fantastic city with shore caravels, the Siberian prison, a mill and other buildings made of wood.

«Zyuratkul» has a developed tourist infrastructure - several options for accommodation are offered to the travelers from camping to comfortable furnished rooms in the hotel and cozy little houses. In addition to multi-day and day trip you can also do sports tourism, fishing and have an active recreation. Service car park, a fisherman-trainer, as well as rental of fishing equipment, boats, grills and braziers are offered to the tourists.

On the picturesque banks of the river Satka there is the historical and cultural complex «Rapids». It is famous for unique plant - the first-born of ferroalloy production - and the oldest operating hydroelectric power plants in Russia. Rapids - a cozy place for skiers, mountaineers, climbers, and lovers. The scenic beauty of the Ural nature and pure air create a surprising atmosphere of rest.


1. National Park «Zyuratkul» was founded in 1993 and got its name from the only South Urals alpine freshwater lake and one of the surrounding mountain ranges. It is the largest in the Chelyabinsk region National Park because it occupies area of 88,000 hectares.

2. National Park is located at the southern part of the Satka district (Chelyabinsk region), 200 km west from Chelyabinsk, and 30 km from Satka and Bakal.

3. There are 15 natural monuments in «Zyuratkul».

4. Development of the territory Zyuratkul began more than 10 thousand years ago. Sientists have found here 12 sites of primitive hunters and fishermen of III-V BC. It is the only in Russia highland settlements of the Stone Age.

5. Complex «Rapids» was launched in 1910. Its capacity reaches 900 horsepower. In 2002 it was included in the Russian Federation Uniform State Register as an object of cultural heritage of regional importance.

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