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South Urals «Europe». Why Paris, Berlin, Chesma and Fere-Champenoise are situated in Chelyabinsk region

On the map of Chelyabinsk region is possible to find several European cities: German Berlin, Kassel, Leipzig; French Paris, Arsy-Cura, Fere-Champenoise; Bulgarian Chesma. All this south settlements are original memorials to the glory of Russian arms.

They were founded in the 40s of the XIX century in honor to the great battles and victories of the Russian army. The names of the settlements are given by the Cossack nagaybaks, who formed at that time the Russian army in a separate regiment.


One of the most famous «European» settlements of the Urals is Paris. The village was founded in 1842 as a main base for Cossack troops. Paris became more famous in 2005 when the Eiffel Tower was built there: a six-fold lower, in 160 times lighter and 30 times younger than its «big sister».

Another «French» name on the map - Fere-Champenoise is administrative center of Nagaybak area. The village is situated on the river Gumbeyka (left tributary of the Ural), 55 km north-east from the city Magnitogorsk, 210 km south-west of Chelyabinsk.

Post №13 is named in memory of victorious battle of March 25, 1814 during the Napoleonic Wars, when a detachment of Russian and Austrian cavalry defeated a French infantry corps near the village of Fere-Champenoise (Iron Plain), located 120 kilometers east from Paris.

Village at the Lake Arsinsky Acha-Kul got its name from the French town - Arcis-sur-Aube, the place of the battle with the French on March 19-20, 1814.


Post place № 32 of Orenburg Cossack troops was named after the German capital Berlin - in honor of Russian victories during the Seven Years' War and the Napoleonic Wars. Kassel Village was the first line of the Cossack settlements. And post № 29, located on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan was named in honor to the grand battle of nations at the present German Leipzig on October 16-19, 1813.


The Varna village is administrative center of Varna area in Chelyabinsk Region. It is located in the south of region, on the river Toguzak. Originally it was the post № 30, which was later named in honor to the Russian troops capture during the Russian-Turkish war 1828-1829.

Chesma was named in honor of the victory of the Russian fleet under the leadership of Count Alexei Orlov in 1770.


1. In the spring 1842 by order of Nicholas I, Russian tsar, 1250 Cossack families had been forcibly evicted to the Urals - the south of today's Chelyabinsk region.

2. Relocated nagaybaks organized a big line of settlements.

3. All of the «European» villages has a proper street-quarter plan: the villages were the main bases of Cossack settlements, and had a defensive mission, so the streets were built perpendicular to each other.

4. Today South Ural’s «Europe» is a typical Russian village with a rural way of life.

5. The main attraction of the South Ural’s Paris as in French capital - the Eiffel Tower on a scale of 1:5.

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