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Monument to Kurchatov – nuclear scientist from the Chelyabinsk region

The monument to Igor Kurchatov is located next to the South Ural State University – the focus for scientists and students.

Here it is always crowded as young people make this place their meeting point. Extreme fans are always around this monument riding bicycles, skateboarding and performing tricks with rollers.

The monument has a complex architectural and sculptural composition. It consists of two pylons with hemispheres, representing the splitting of the atom, and located between them is the statue of the famous scientist on a pedestal. Under Kurchatov’s direction the Soviet Union successfully tested its first plutonium-based nuclear device.

It is better to visit the place at night time when the sun goes down you can see a Lenina prospect in colored lights and the monument illuminated in the best way.

Right behind the Kurchatov monument there is a park where you can walk along the paths between spruces and larches or feed the birds and squirrels.


1. The monument to Kurchatov was erected in 1996 for the 250th anniversary of Chelyabinsk.

2. The monument stands next to the SUSU at the cross or the Lenina prospect and Lesoparkovaya Street. The author of the complex is a famous sculptor Vardkes Avakian, and  architects – Petrov, Glazyrin, Talalaj.

3. The monument is huge. The height of the pylons is 27 meters, and the statue - 6.4 meters. The total height figure of Kurchatov with pedestal is 11 meters.


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