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Челябинск – столица Южного Урала

Chelyabinsk is one of the thirteen Russian cities with over a million inhabitants. The area of Chelyabinsk covers about 53,000 hectares. It is only half the size of Moscow and can be compared to the area of a small European country, such as Andorra.

Until recently, Chelyabinsk seems to have been an ordinary big industrial city. However, the city has seen a lot of changes in recent years. The facades of buildings which face the main streets have been reconstructed. However, each building has retained its own history. Unique landmarks look renewed, and yet embody the spirit of their age.

When it gets dark, Chelyabinsk gleams in its evening lights, central streets are as bright as in daylight. Multicolored illumination is the part of the Governor’s program aimed at creation “the city’s identity”, and polishing its appearance. Indeed, you would hardly believe that you are in the heart of the Ural Mountains as the atmosphere resembles that of European cities’.

Furthermore, Chelyabinsk is one of the few megalopolises without traffic jams. Neighboring megacities even have a slightly jealous saying: “We stay when Chelyaba goes!”

Sightseeing of Chelyabinsk

  • The monument «Sphere of Love» - Chelyabinsk yin-yan

    «Sphere of Love» - the most romantic and unusual sculpture in Chelyabinsk. The city presented it to the Chelyabinsk residents on the 264-year anniversary and soon the monument became popular among newlyweds.

  • Gagarin Park – variety of family rest and entertainments

    The Central Park of Culture and Rest is named after the world's first astronaut Yuri Gagarin, and is one of the most popular family attractions in Chelyabinsk, and also one of the best parks in Russia.

  • Monument to Kurchatov – nuclear scientist from the Chelyabinsk region

    The monument to Igor Kurchatov is located next to the South Ural State University – the focus for scientists and students.

  • Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre named after Nahum Orlov – traditional and modern composition

    The Drama Theatre named after Nahum Orlov is at the summit of the modern city center. It was firstly opened in 1921 in the building of the National House, but in 1982 it moved to its current location. Now the theatre is situated on the Revolution...

  • Holy Trinity Church - the keeper of Orthodox traditions

    Holy Trinity Church is the oldest temple in Chelyabinsk. It is only 30 years older than the city. The wooden church was consecrated in 1768.

  • Opera and Ballet Theater named after Glinka – the source of high art

    The Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Michael Glinka is one of the greatest theaters in Russia. It is a true landmark of the South Ural’s capital.

  • The monument "Orlenok" – soviet statue to honor young and brave people

    The monument «Orlenok» is located in the heart of the city. It was opened in 1958 and became a symbol of Chelyabinsk. «Orlenok» is a generalized image of  a Civil War hero.

  • The temple of Alexander Nevsky

    Superb acoustics, incense, candles and icons… the Alexander Nevsky temple is a truly unique place in Chelyabinsk.

  • The Victory Garden – the only Urals museum of weapons under the open sky

    The Victory Garden is a traditional rest place for Chelyabinsk citizens and guests. The park, founded more than a half century ago, became a real attraction after renovation in 2009.

  • The fastest ice in Russia - Ice Palace «Ural Molnia»

    Ice Palace «Ural Molnia» is the first biggest playground in Chelyabinsk and the second biggest 400-meters indoor skating ring in Russia with artificial ice.

  • Pipe production department «Altitude 239» ChTPZ - the roots of the «white metallurgy»

    The launch of the large pipe production department «Altitude 239» at Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant was on July 23, 2010.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin came to push the symbolic button. The head of...

  • Elena Elesina Athletic Complex - professional trainings all year-round

    In 2003 in Chelyabinsk was open a giant sport complex, that was named after Olympic high jump champion Helena Elesina.

  • Chelyabinsk Regional Museum – South Urals History Guide

    A building with an unusual configuration is situated in the historic center of Chelyabinsk and on the banks of Miass River. It’s roof looks like the outlines of an ancient fortress.

  • Kirovka Street – the city’s glory

    The most famous pedestrian street in Chelyabinsk is Kirovka.  Its beautification can be compared to Moscow Arbat. But South Urals «sister» of Arbat is truly unique: it is designed with life-size sculptures.

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