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Chelyabinsk Region

The 2012 European Water Polo Championship is taking place in the capital of the large Russian region, which is the natural border between Europe and Asia. It is a meeting place of the West and the East. A notional boundary between these two parts of the world has determined the history of the region’s development and its fusion of contrasts.

О Челябинске и Челябинской области

On one hand, the Chelyabinsk region, or the South Urals is one of the largest industrial regions of Russia. For instance, the most famous Russian metallurgical plants are located here. On the other hand, scenic landscapes, lakes, forests, healing springs and the unique climate of the region attract many Russian people to the Chelyabinsk region for rest and rehabilitation. Here are located the biggest national parks, Zyuratkul and Taganai with their rich eco-systems. Moreover this is a region of lakes: there are more than three thousand pure water reservoirs and every year tourists visit the mountains for rafting. Also people from all over the country come to the local health resorts as Uvildy and Kisigach are health resorts which are well-known far beyond the Urals.

О Челябинске и Челябинской области

Another particular feature that highlights the region is its mountain skiing facilities. This relatively new outdoor activity is currently increasing in popularity in the South Urals. There are several big mountain ski centers that are always full of those keen on speed and snow. Thus, Chelyabinsk citizens have a wide range of opportunities for rest and recreation without going aboard or to the south of Russia.

Sightseeing of Chelyabinsk Region

  • South Urals «Europe». Why Paris, Berlin, Chesma and Fere-Champenoise are situated in Chelyabinsk region

    On the map of Chelyabinsk region is possible to find several European cities: German Berlin, Kassel, Leipzig; French Paris, Arsy-Cura, Fere-Champenoise; Bulgarian Chesma. All this south settlements are original memorials to the glory of Russian...

  • Cultural complex "Arkaim" – the monument of ancient times

    To meet the sunrise on a mountain of love or to see the sunset on the mountain Shaman, to gain strength from the mountain Penance or wisdom- from the hill of the Mind - all this activities can be done in the Chelyabinsk region - at Historical and...

  • National Park «Zyuratkul» - Ural Ritz with pristine nature

    National park «Zyuratkul» is a pearl of the Chelyabinsk region named after the only alpine lake in the Urals - Zyuratkul.

  • The land of Lakes and Mountains: Taganay, Turgoyak, Island of St. Vera, Ilmen national park

    The best places in the Urals will impress even the most skeptical tourist. Taganay has mountain peaks hidden in clouds, swift rivers, and rare environment – in one day you can see the change of four seasons.

  • «French vacation» in the South Ural: Paris is waiting for guests

    Paris with only 11 streets and 800 houses – it’s incredible, but possible. Paris is not only in the heart of Europe, but in the South Ural’s province - Nagaybak area of Chelyabinsk region.

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