Сегодня в оздоровительном комплексе, принявшем чемпионат Старого света в начале сентября, состоится награждение волонтеров, которые обеспечивали работу этого...
Сегодня состоялся торжественный прием губернатора Челябинской области в честь южноуральских спортсменок – победительниц чемпионата Европы по водному поло...
Уважаемые ватерполистки! Уважаемые тренеры! Поздравляю вас с победой на юниорском Чемпионате Европы по водному поло 2012!
Заключительный день юниорского чемпионата Европы по водному поло прошел под знаком овертаймов. В решающих сражениях никто не хотел уступать, так что основного...
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The quarterfinals have marked the beginning of the playoff stage, and, as experts put it, this is when the real Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship started.

The first quarterfinal game put the Netherlands and Italy face to face. Before the start of the match it was rather difficult to spot the favourite at once, as both squads looked very solid at group stage. However, after the first period it looked like the Italians would meet no serious opposition in the game – they sent four unanswered goals into the Dutch net. Three more periods later an athletic and mobile Italian team celebrated a victory 9-6 (4-0,1-3,2-0,2-3), and in Saturday semifinal the fans will witness a sequel of Russia-Italy.

The draw brought Spain and Greece together in the second quarterfinal. Though the stakes in the match were high, both teams chose not to sit out in defense making the crowd happy with a two-way game with lots of scoring chances. Just one minute before the final buzzer Team Greece managed to get one goal up, and it proved sufficient for a win - 7-6 (3-1,1-3,1-1,2-1). Now the Greeks will face the Hungarian team in the semifinal.  

While the leaders are determining the final four of the Women’s European U-19 Water Polo Championship, teams from the “second division” have already started to distribute positions 9 through 11. The first participants of battling for position today were the national teams of Germany and Turkey. It appears that the Turkish players will settle at the bottom of the final standings of the Old World Championship. The young and inexperienced team finds it hard to compete with any European team so far. Today’s match against Team Germany was no exception – no chances for the Turks with a confident win for Germany - 19-2 (4-0,7-1,6-1,2-0).         

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